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Will Ragatz

I have a list of every Vikings game I’ve ever attended.

The bullet point at the top of the page is dated September 28, 2003. I had recently celebrated my sixth birthday, an occasion highlighted by the surprise present of two tickets to my first game. As I watched in awe next to my dad that Sunday, Gus Frerotte threw three touchdowns to Randy Moss in a blowout win over the 49ers.

I was hooked.

That Sunday began a tradition of my dad and I attending one game every season. In those early years, our annual trip to the Metrodome was nothing short of magical. The awe-inducing feeling of walking up the concourse steps and looking out at the crowd of 60,000-plus is one I’ll never forget. The same is true for the gust of wind that pushed us out of the dome’s doors and into the streets of downtown Minneapolis after the final whistle had blown.

The passion I have for the Vikings that began all those years ago hasn’t gone anywhere. Over time, I became obsessed with discussing and analyzing the franchise’s every move, whether it be a game, the draft or an off-the-field controversy. It's a franchise that has never been short on entertainment value, one way or another. And through the miraculous highs and the agonizing, seemingly inevitable lows, the Vikings fan community is one of the most passionate in the NFL, eternally hungry to see their team bring home the Lombardi Trophy just one time.

Even when I moved away from Minneapolis to attend Northwestern, my Vikings obsession never waned. I began my journalism career in Evanston, where the highlight of my four years was the time I spent covering a different purple-clad football team. There’s nothing I enjoy more than bringing news and analysis to readers – and then getting to interact with and learn from those readers as well.

That’s why I’m incredibly excited to be the new lead writer and manager of VikingMaven, a Sports Illustrated channel built by the Maven Coalition. Here, you can expect daily coverage of the Minnesota Vikings as they head through a crucial 2019 season with Super Bowl expectations. You’ll find all the latest news on the team, previews and dissections of each Sunday’s matchup, and much more. I’ll be posting written reports and videos from practices and games, too.

Best of all, the Maven platform allows for easy interaction. When you become a member – which is completely free – you’ll be able to post your own thoughts and talk about the team with me and others. I can’t wait to see where this season goes and would love to have you along for the ride.

To become a member, click the “follow” button at the top of the home page. To access the site on your phone, download the Maven app. This site will be transitioning over to the SI.com domain by the end of the month, but the functionality will stay the same.