The medal count at the Sochi Olympics was pretty controversial. 

By Dan Gartland
February 08, 2018

One thing is certain about the 2018 Winter Olympics: the country at the top of the medal table will be different than the leader from 2014. 

In Sochi, the host Russians captured a total of 29 medals, one more than the United States. Russia also tied with Norway in gold medals with 11, Canada had 10 golds and the U.S. had nine. 

Hmm, now why might Russia have led the way at Sochi? Could it have been a home-field advantage? Perhaps, or maybe it was the massive government sanctioned doping program. 

As a result of the doping scheme, Russia was banned from the 2018 Olympics and Paralympics. Russian athletes will still be allowed to compete in PyeongChang but they’ll wear neutral uniforms and won’t hear the Russian national anthem during any medal ceremonies. 

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