USA's Chloe Kim Wins Gold Medal in Halfpipe

Chloe Kim took home the gold in the women's halfpipe event, giving Team USA another medal. 
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American snowboarder Chloe Kim won her first Olympic gold medal on Tuesday in the women's halfpipe competition. 

Kim, 17, scored a 93.75 on her first run and topped that on her final run, after she had already clinched gold, with a score of 98.25. She sealed the gold medal when China's Jiayu Liu failed to top her 89.75 on her final opportunity. 

Kim placed first in qualification for the event, which took place on Monday in PyeongChang. Kim scored 95.5 in qualifying, eight points ahead of the second-place finisher. 

Kim's American teammate, Arielle Gold, won bronze after scoring 85.75 on her third run. 

Kim also had time in between runs to tweet about her regret that she didn't finish her breakfast sandwich. This follows her mid-competition tweet the previous night, when she tweeted about craving ice cream. 

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Kim has been hailed as one of Team USA's rising stars, and her performance on Tuesday showed that she's already surpassing the hype.