Norway is still, predictably, the winningest Winter Olympic country with 38 medals—13 of them gold. At this point there are only ten medals left to hand out, and the Norwegians are nine ahead of their closest contenders, the Canadians. Germany is sitting in third, but also tied with Norway for the most golds. The U.S. has been underperformed in PyeongChang based on predictions, and is 15 medals behind the leaders.

Still, the Americans added two more to the count on Saturday in PyeongChang. John Shuster and his 'Team of Rejects’ came from behind to beat Canada in the curling final and redefine 'Shustering.' Kyle Mack, the 20-year-old snowboarder from Michigan, flipped a trick called the bloody dracula and won the silver in snowboarding big air.

No matter what happens in the last day, there’s no way the U.S is coming out two medals ahead of Norway, as SI predicted. Really, it’s unlikely that the Americans win any more at all. Four of the last 10 medals are already designated: it’s only the color that’ll change depending on the final results of the Russia-Germany men's hockey final on Sunday and the Korea-Sweden women’s curling final. The other two remaining events are bobsled and cross-country, neither of which are strengths for the U.S.

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A current medal tally can be found here.