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Westbrook's L.A. Role & Shaquille O'Neal | The Crossover

How Westbrook fits into the Lakers, Simmons situation continues, plus Shaq x Mannix

Mannix and Beck discuss how Russell Westbrook will fit into the Lakers offensive scheme, what the expectations are for the Jazz this season, and Joel Embiid's comments on Ben Simmons from training camp. Then Mannix talks to Shaquille O'Neal about Simmons, the Lakers' offseason moves and his work refurbishing public basketball courts

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Chris Mannix: All right, Crossover NBA podcast. Chris Mannix and Howard Beck, week two of the NBA season. Can you feel that excitement, Beck?

Howard Beck: Oh, I can feel it. I can feel something. I feel guys getting more shots in their arms. We've got fewer holdouts suddenly; that's probably a positive sign as we inch closer to the season.

Chris Mannix: Yeah, more than 95% of the NBA is vaccinated. Andrew Wiggins has been vaccinated. We're going to get to that a little bit later in the show when we talk about one guy that is still uncertain—that being Kyrie Irving. We've got a great show today, Beck. Not only are you and I are going to get into a lot of different topics, but your old friend Shaquille O'Neal is going to join the show a little bit later on. We already taped the interview with Shaq. But I can tell you, Shaq did ask for you. He did ask, "Where is Howard?" So the relationship you guys forged over however many years in Los Angeles, it's still there. 

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