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Report: MLB Alleges That Frank McCourt Took Up To $189 Million From Dodgers

In a filing in Delaware bankruptcy court, Major League Baseball has claimed that Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt took $189.16 million from the franchise, reports ESPN Los Angeles.

"The Dodgers are in bankruptcy because McCourt has taken almost $190 million out of the club and has completely alienated the Dodgers' fan base," the filing reportedly said.

The league claims that McCourt took $73 million in parking lot revenue, $61.1 million to pay personal debts, and $55 million for personal distributions. The Dodgers' financial woes became apparent when the team was forced to take out major loans in order to meet payroll last season.

Major League Baseball took over the Los Angeles Dodgers financial operations in April of 2011 over concerns that McCourt had driven the team to bankruptcy. Commissioner Bud Selig appointed an overseer to supervise day-to-day financial management of the Dodgers shortly thereafter.

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