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NBA Analysts Beginning To Express Optimism About Progress In Lockout

It has proven all but impossible to truly take the pulse of the NBA lockout. When things start to look bad, suddenly there extended mediated negotiating sessions. When things start to look good, someone blows up the talks.  And even the most experienced analysts tend to give their updates with a list of caveats attached.

But the trend on Twitter Wednesday night has definitely turned positive, with NBA analysts of all stripes expressing cautious optimism about the day's labor talks, which were still in progress after more than seven hours.

"Word is the NBA owners grabbed a bootstrap today," tweeted Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports. "We got a shot at a deal and the return of NBA hoops. #notsarcasm"

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports was similarly optimistic. "A league source wired into bargaining session tells Y!: 'There's a deal to be had if everyone shows a little flexibility.'"

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ESPN's Chris Broussard was optimistic enough to essay two separate tweets. "In talks with sources,There is a bit of optimism about talks. Nothing definitive but hope is in the air," he wrote in one, then followed with, "Source close to negotiations tells me sides 'definitely making progress.'"