Shaq's Tell-All Book: Glen Davis is a "Selfish Player"

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The Boston Globe reports that in Shaquille O’Neal’s new tell all book titled: Shaq Uncut: My Story, the four-time NBA champion reveals some details about his season with the Boston Celtics and his troubles with former teammate Glen Davis not passing the ball.

In an excerpt shared by the Boston Globe, it was apparent that Shaq was frustrated with Glen Davis and despite being open, not receiving as many passes as he believed he deserved:

“Big Baby” Davis kept looking me off and taking it himself. Doc is shouting at him to go inside, but he won’t. So Doc calls timeout and draws up a play for me. I go out there, and I back Andrew Bynum way under the rim. I’m loose, I’m ready. I’ve got Bynum under the basket and again, Baby won’t give me the ball. So I go up to him and say, “If you ever miss me again I’m going to punch you in the face.” I was hot.

Two nights later we’re playing in Sacramento and here we go again. I take three shots the entire game and again I’ve got my man isolated underneath the basket, and Baby ignores me and takes a jump shot. So the next time we’re in the huddle I let Baby have it.

I tell him, “Pass the [expletive] ball inside.” He comes back at me a little bit and now I’m really heated. All hell is breaking loose. We’re going back and forth. Doc is standing there and he’s not saying a word. The message is pretty clear: Work this out yourselves. I tell Baby, “You’re a selfish player. Everyone on this team knows it.” Hey, all the fans knew it. He takes shots when he shouldn’t.

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