Attorney For Dodger Stadium Beating Victim Bryan Stow Seeks Settlement From MLB

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One of the major debits hanging over the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the team awaits a court-supervised bankruptcy sale, is the lawsuit brought by the family of Bryan Stow. Stow was severely beaten at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day and spent several months in a coma as a result; his family is seeking damages from current owner Frank McCourt and the Dodgers organization.

Last week, a lawyer for McCourt and the Dodgers indicated that Stow himself would likely bear some of the responsibility for the incident, but Stow's attorney, Tom Girardi, takes a different view, according to Ramona Shelburne of Girardi believes that the Dodgers -- and, by extension, whomever buys the team -- will be responsible for a substantial sum of money.  And he believes that the uncertainty surrounding that number might adversely affect the team's chances of being sold.  As a result, Girardi has suggested that MLB reach a "reasonable" settlement with the Stow family.

"It'll still be a lot of money because reasonable for incidents like this is a lot of money," Girardi said according to Shelburne. "But we'd work out a reasonable resolution and I think the family would then even cut a commercial for them, saying 'Come back to Dodger Stadium, it's safe, they (the new owners) have cured the problem, they were fair to the family."