Report: NBA Players Exploring Decertification Of NBPA

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According to a series of tweets from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, a faction of locked out NBA players are frustrated with the way negotiations have gone thus far, and have begun exploring the possibilities of decertifying their union, the NBPA.

"As many as 50 NBA players were part of conference call with anti-trust attorney Thursday discussing union decertification, sources tell Y!" Wojnarowski wrote.  He reports that there were two such calls, both held without NBPA knowledge, and that the players involved included "several All-Stars".

Ultimately, Wojnarowski tweeted, "If NBPA drops below 52% on BRI, and/or remaining system issues go league's way, then this will become movement to decertify."

If 30% of the players sign a petition supporting decertification, the process moves to a vote; if a decertification requires just a majority of those votes.