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Report: NBA Players Believe They Have Enough Support To Decertify

There may be enough support to decertify the NBA Players Association (NBPA), sources tell ESPN. Players and agents have scheduled another conference call to discuss the move to decertify the NBPA. Last week, two conference calls were completed with at least 50 players dialing in on each call.

Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce appears to be leading the way in securing over 200 signatures to call for an official decertification vote. The vote, if it occurs, would take place 45 days after a petition is filed and just a 30 percent vote (or 130 players) in favor of decertification would satisfy the requirements and the decertification process would begin.

If the NBPA is decertified, the players can move the labor discussions into a courtroom. ESPN cites the thought of litigation may convince the owners to change their negotiation figures they have remained firm with over the four month lockout.

The main dispute remaining in crafting the new collective bargaining agreement centers around revenue sharing. Initially, the owners were steadfast about not parting with more than 50% of basketball related income, however they have reportedly offered the players 51 percent of BRI, with a Wednesday deadline for acceptance.