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Tom Brady Says He And Chad Ochocinco Need To Work On Timing

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he and wide-receiver Chad Ochocinco still need time to work on their connection issues, the quarterback said in his appearance on WEEI-AM in Boston.

"We make improvements every week," Brady said on WEEI-AM. "It's just a matter of us ultimately getting it done in the game. Every week there's more confidence in what we're doing with him, and with him and me. It's just a matter of us getting out there and doing it on the field."

In Sunday night’s 24-20 loss against the New York Giants, all five passes between Brady and Ochocinco went incomplete.

The six-time Pro Bowl receiver has just nine catches for 136 yards and no touchdowns for this season. Last season he caught 67 passes for the Cincinnati Bengals and hauled in four touchdowns.

“I think I just gotta keep working with Tommy, that’s about it,” Ochocinco said to the Boston Herald. “Everything is there. Everything is there. That’s about it.”