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Ryan Clark Fined $40K For Helmet-to-Helmet Hit

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark has reportedly been fined $40,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, according to ESPN.

The fine was issued after Clark was penalized for a hit against Ravens tight end Ed Dickson in the second quarter of this Sunday’s 20-23 loss to Baltimore. Clark reportedly led with his shoulder in the tackle, but the two player’s helmets did collide.

Clark was fined last week for $15,000 after hitting New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski after the receiver had already been ruled out of bounds. At the time Clark told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he understood the penalty and was thankful that the league was taking a concern in player’s safety.

“They’re really setting high standards for fair play,” said Clark of the NFL. “They’re also setting high standards for keeping players healthy, safe. And that’s something we as players wanted implemented.”