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Report: NBA May Cancel Games Through Christmas

The union representatives for the locked-out NBA players met today to have union leadership explain the latest proposal from the NBA owners, which has been called an ultimatum, according to tweets from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.  NBA owners have reportedly told the NBPA that if this offer is not accepted by Wednesday evening, it will be replaced by a markedly weaker one, with the players receiving a notably smaller portion of Basketball Related Income (BRI).

According to Wojnarowski, union president Derek Fisher said  "We're open-minded about potential compromises on our (BRI) number, but there are things in the system that we have to have...."

Union executive director Billy Hunter said that the NBPA would be trying to schedule a meeting with the NBA owners ahead of Wednesday's 5:00 deadline, according to Wojnarowski: "I anticipate we will have a meeting (with NBA) before 5 o'clock tomorrow."

a tweet from Wojnarowski