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Report: Trainer For Usain Bolt, Juan Manuel Marquez Is Former Steroid Dealer

In the run-up to this weekend's boxing match between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao, HBO is airing a 24/7 mini-series providing an all-access look at the fighters' preparations.  And that special, combined with a series of tweets from BALCO Labs founder Victor Conte, has come together in a report from Deadspin's Barry Petchesky that ties Marquez, sprinter Usain Bolt, and a trainer who--under a different name--was a steroid dealer turned government witness.

The dealer in question is currently known as Angel Hernandez, and gained notoriety during the steroid trial of track coach Trevor Graham under the name of Angel "Memo" Heredia.  According to Petchesky:

In 2005 federal investigators confronted Heredia with evidence of money laundering and drug trafficking, and offered him a deal: Tell what you know or we'll go after you. He gave up everyone he worked with in US Track and Field, and despite claims he wasn't offered immunity, he has escaped prosecution himself. Graham was convicted of perjury and banned from the sport for life.

Now Hernandez is working with Marquez, who has notably muscled up in preparation for this weekend's fight -- a fact, Petchesky points out, that has been noted by Pacquiao's coach Alex Ariza.

Bolt's work with Hernandez will also come under heavy scrutiny -- as Petchesky notes, the London Olympics are just a year away, and Bolt's record-breaking times have always raised questions among the skeptical.