By Will Yoder
November 10, 2011

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler told media in a teleconference that the Detroit Lions, who the Bears are facing this coming Sunday, may struggle playing in the elements at Soldier Field, The Detroit News reports.

“We're going to be outside, not in a dome,” Cutler told media members. “We're going to be on grass. It's going to be a different environment for them. … a totally different ballgame. They don't have that advantage on their side this time, so it is going to be on our side."

Despite Cutler’s claim that the Lions will be at a disadvantage, Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz pointed to the Lions’ strong road record as an indicator of their success in multiple arenas and surfaces. With strong showings against teams with outdoor stadiums like the Denver Broncos and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Lions believe they are at no particular disadvantage.

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