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Jerry Sandusky's Face Painted Over In Famous State College Mural

Michael Pilato, the original painter of a large mural on Hiester Street in State College, PA, which featured notable Penn State figureheads, made the decision to paint over the face of the school’s former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

"I believe in due process. I do,” Pilato told “(But) with all the evidence in the news right now and some of the (alleged) victims living here, it kills me to think of the victims having to walk past this," he said. "It saddens me to do this. When I first met Jerry, I thought he was a great man. He fooled me like he fooled everyone."

Sandusky was arrested last week on child molestation charges stemming from incidents that allegedly occurred between 1994 and 2009, involving eight young boys. Earlier today, it was reported that a Sandusky inspired ice cream flavor had been pulled from shelves within the university as well. 

Below you can see photos of the mural, entitled “Inspiration,” both before and after Pilato’s work today. The images were tweeted by The Daily Collegian, the Penn State student newspaper.