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Report: Mike McQueary Will Not Coach For Penn State On Saturday

One of the more perplexing developments in the ongoing alleged sexual assault scandal surrounding Penn State football and the team's former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, is that assistant coach Mike McQueary was scheduled to remain part of the coaching staff for the team's game against Nebraska on Saturday.

In 2002, McQueary was the graduate assistant who allegedly witnessed Sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in the shower at the Penn State athletic facility; he claims to have reported the incident to former head coach Joe Paterno, who has been fired.  Athletic director Tim Curley has taken an administrative leave and has been charged with perjury for lying to the grand jury.  But McQueary was still scheduled to coach.

Now, according to a report tweeted by Sports By Brooks, that may no longer be the case.

"A source close to Penn St football indicated to me this afternoon it is now a virtual certainty McQueary will not coach Saturday," Brooks tweeted. And, in a follow-up, "Source also said to expect an announcement to that effect as early as later today or tomorrow at the latest."