Report: NBA Proposal Could Create 'More Vibrant' League

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The NBA owners have been working hard to raise awareness of their proposal.  They've tweeted specific details, held an open Q&A, built a YouTube video of a PowerPoint presentation about the deal, and even (seemingly) leaked the actual proposal document.  Much of that is written in daunting legalese, though, difficult for the average fan to understand.

Howard Beck of the New York Times describes it in plain English, setting out the owners' vision for the league in terms that anyone can follow:

Contracts would be shorter. Players would become free agents sooner. Making trades would be simpler. The gap between rich and poor teams might be smaller. There might be fewer superteams and more parity, too.

In theory, anyway.

Laid out in those terms, the plan sounds persuasively appealing. ESPN's Bill Simmons, who has been heavily critical of both sides throughout the lockout, grudgingly calls Beck's description of the proposal "a better model" and "actually ... logical".

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