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Report: Mike McQueary Was 'Explicit And Unequivocal' In Recounting Sandusky Incident

Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary is the key witness in the grand jury report that brought light to the child abuse scandal at Penn State University.  His reported witnessing of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a young boy in the showers on campus is the graphic detail that has entered the public consciousness from the grand jury report, and the question of whom he told and when has become central to the developing case.

In an extensive report on how the investigation into Sandusky developed, Jo Becker of the New York Times recounts the first time McQueary described the incident to the investigating officers, in 2010:

McQueary was explicit and unequivocal, the people said. He had told Paterno, the team’s longtime and widely beloved head coach, about the incident the following day, but he was filled with regret that nothing had happened.

“This had been weighing on him for a very long time, and our guys felt he was relieved to get it off his chest,” one law enforcement official said. “When he had the opportunity to make it right, he told the truth.”

he intervened in the incident and called the police