Report: Dwyane Wade Exploring Overseas Options

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Miami Heat start Dwyane Wade told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that no matter what, he wants to play basketball at a competitive level this year, even if that means he has to play outside of the United States. The seven-time NBA All-Star has reportedly told his agent to begin exploring overseas options.

"I have gotten on the phone with my agent, saying, 'Listen, maybe we need to peak our head on the other side and see the possibilities,' " Wade told the Sun Sentinel. "Obviously, to have a season and go back January 1st and to know you need 30 days once the deal is complete, something's got to be done soon. But you've got to open up the possibility, so I am looking."

Several NBA players have already made the decision to play overseas until the NBA’s labor dispute is settled, however, if Wade were to sign with a non-NBA team he would certainly be the biggest star-to-date to make the move. Currently the only All-Star playing with a club overseas is the New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams, however there have been rumors of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant potentially signing with foreign teams.