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Syracuse Assistant Bernie Fine Being Investigated For Child Molestation

Syracuse police say they are in the early stages of investigating allegations that Syracuse University basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine molested a team ball boy during the 1980s, according to an ESPN report.

One of two alleged victims, Bobby Davis, 39, came forward with allegations in 2003, but he was told by authorities that the statute of limitations had run out. At that time, former Syracuse basketball player Dennis Duval was police chief. ESPN's Outside the Lines was prepared to run a story on the case, but, at the time, they were unable to find any corroborating evidence to support Davis's claims.

Recently, a second alleged victim has come forward to say that he was also molested by Fine. The second man says that the recent Sandusky case inspired him to come forward.

Davis alleges that the molestation began in 1983, just before he entered the seventh grade. He later became the team ball boy for six years, and he alleges that the abuse occurred at Fine's home, in Syracuse basketball facilities, and on road trips. Davis claims that the molestation continued until he was 27 years old.