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Rob Ryan Sickened By Denver Offense

Dallas Cowboys' defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had some choice words about the Denver Broncos offense Friday. Quarterback Tim Tebow and the Broncos defeated Ryan's brother, Rex, Thursday night 17-13 on the strength of a late Tebow touchdown scramble.

"It made me throw up," Ryan said, according to ESPN Dallas. "That stuff comes into play. You get that crap. I don't like it because it's college football. The things you see a lot of spread. We're getting a lot of two tight ends blocking for empty sets. Who would have ever thought that? This is the NFL. Those teams don't win."

The Broncos are now 4-1 since Tebow took over for Kyle Orton, and Denver head coach John Fox has implemented a game plan that fits Tebow's style.

Ryan has made polarizing comments before. He referred to the Philadelphia Eagles as "the all hype team" and rued the attention paid to Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, saying that both Dallas receivers Dez Bryant and Miles Austin were better than Johnson.

Ryan stood by his comments Friday, hanging the Jets loss on a Mark Sanchez interception that was returned for a touchdown.

"They're back there getting the hell beat out of them the whole game," Ryan said. "It's unfortunate the kid threw the interception for the TD or I really think that game is going to go a different way.