By Tyler Radecki
November 28, 2011

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson apologized to New York Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress for yesterday’s touchdown celebration, according to ESPN. After a touchdown catch in the second quarter, Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the leg, referencing the 2008 event when Burress shot himself in the leg and was sent to prison for 20 months.

"I don't think he took into consideration that happened to me when he did it," Burress said Monday on ESPN 1050 Radio's "The Michael Kay Show." "And I think a day later he's realized what he did and how he made himself look and embarrassed his team, organization, his players, his coaches, but those are the things you learn and being immature at times."

According to ESPN, Burress didn’t know Johnson did the celebration after he was asked about it after the game.

Johnson had eight catches for 75 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, but dropped a wide open pass late in the Bills’ 28-24 loss to the Jets.

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