By Will Yoder
November 30, 2011

The NBA age requirement for eligibility is expected to remain at 19-years-old as part of the new labor deal, sources tell ESPN.

The league has been open about their desire to push the age limit back from 19 to 20 in an attempt to protect both teams and potential players from entering the league too early. Under current rules, players must be at least 19-years-old to play in the NBA, and in the case of those living in the United States, must be at least one year removed from high school.

It is expected that the age limit will remain at 19 for at least the first two years of the new collective bargaining agreement, ESPN reports.

Other proposed options include the option for players to declare for the draft out of high school with option to withdraw and attend college if they do not like where they are selected, much like in Major League Baseball. Another option would be revising the rookie salary scale with added incentives for staying in college longer.

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