By Evan Hilbert
December 07, 2011

Update 12/7/11: Contrary to a popular ESPN Deportes report, the Boston Globe is reporting that Ortiz has not yet accepted arbitration from the Boston Red Sox.

Original 12/6/11: David Ortiz will accept the Boston Red Sox's offer for arbitration and he will remain with the team, according to ESPN Deportes.

The deal ensures that Ortiz will get a raise on his salary of $12.5 million a year ago, and it will be for one year. Boston general manager Ben Cherington was confident last week that the sides were getting closer. Ortiz had insinuated that he wanted to return to the team.

“We offered him arbitration and that’s significant because he has a decision to make on that Wednesday if we don’t reach an agreement before then,” Cherington told ESPN last Thursday. “We had continued good dialogue.”

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