By Evan Hilbert
December 07, 2011

Boston Bruins leading scorer Tyler Seguin was scratched from the lineup Tuesday night after missing a mandatory meeting and team breakfast.

“He missed a team breakfast and a team meeting this morning,” GM Peter Chiarelli told the Boston Herald. “He didn’t wake up. Honest mistake. But we have team rules. We abide by them. He has to abide by them. So that’s the reason for his scratch.”

This is not the first time the 19-year-old has been involved in such an incident.

“He’s had a couple of instances before,” Chiarelli told the paper. “I don’t see it as a problem. I see it as a young player who sometimes forgets to set his alarm. We gave him a couple of passes. It’s a young kid who’s learning to be a pro — and is a heck of a player.”

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