By Will Yoder
December 08, 2011

Free agent forward Shane Battier announced on Twitter that he will sign with the Miami Heat.

In a statement, Battier said:

“The Lockout gave me a lots of time to consider what was important to me at this stage of my life and career. Over the last week, I've played out every scenario in my head over and over. It always came back to one thing for me: a winning role. I am appreciative of all the kind words and recruiting pitches over the last week, thank you!!”

Battier also tweeted “Let’s Go #Heat!!!!!”

The 33-year-old has played two stints with the Memphis Grizzlies and one with the Houston Rockets. Last year, Battier averaged 7.6 PPG, 2.3 assists and 4.5 rebounds.

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