Chad Ochocinco Names His Touchdown Celebration After Bill Belichick

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Chad Ochocinco was known for his elaborate -- and often costly, once the league fines arrived -- touchdown celebrations long before he was known as Chad Ochocinco.  Since the spirited wide receiver joined the New England Patriots, though, the celebrations have been few and far between.  Not because of notoriously serious head coach Bill Belichick, but because Ochocinco hadn't been scoring touchdowns.

That changed on Sunday, when the veteran receiver caught a 33-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady.  But there were no flashy celebrations -- no Riverdance, no pretending to putt the football with the pylon.  Instead, Ochocinco calmly deposited the ball in the end zone and jogged to the sidelines.  On Monday, though, Ochocinco revealed to a fan on Twitter that even his seeming calm was actually a stealthy themed celebration in honor of his head coach.

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