By Will Yoder
December 26, 2011

While some have speculated that the best possible location for star center Dwight Howard to land is with the Chicago Bulls, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports points out that his Adidas sponsorship may keep him out of The Windy City.

While Howard and Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose would make a potent duo on the court, they are both endorsed heavily by Adidas, which could pose a problem for the shoe company if they end up playing in the same city. In fact, one sneaker executive told Yahoo! that “Adidas simply cannot have its two signature players on the same team in the same market.”

“Derrick is the face of that market, owns that market, and Adidas can’t possibly have maximum bang for its buck with Dwight there,” The executive continued.

“It serves Adidas no purpose. They need them as rivals in competing markets.”

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