By Evans Clinchy
December 29, 2011

How sure is the NBA that Dwyane Wade's game-winning shot against the Charlotte Bobcats was legit?

How's this for an answer? They're so sure they created their own Twitter page just to defend him.

With 2.9 seconds left in the Miami Heat's tilt with the Bobcats, an isolated Wade took Gerald Henderson off the dribble, stopped seven feet short of the basket, pivoted, and took what could debatably be called an extra step before launching a floater for a 96-95 game-winner. While numerous critics accused Wade of traveling in the aftermath of the Heat's third win, the league has come out to say otherwise.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Eastern, the Twitter page @NBAOfficials went live, publishing just one tweet in defense of Wade.

"Wade gathers the ball with his right foot on the floor, and step one is when both feet touch the floor simultaneously," league spokesman Tim Frank said in a statement. "He then steps with his right foot for step two."

The officials' new Twitter page was over 500 followers within one hour.

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