By Will Yoder
January 05, 2012

Eric Gordon claims that the Los Angeles Clippers lied to him about the eventual trade that sent him to the New Orleans Hornets, according to Yahoo! Sports.

“All you do is take the man’s word and take that he said that no one is going to go anywhere,” Gordon told Yahoo! Sports. “… To completely lie like that is something unprofessional.”

“They literally told me as an organization that they wanted to keep me, and [the trade still] went down?”

Clippers general manager Neil Olshey, who orchestrated the deal that sent Gordon to New Orleans, and brought Chris Paul to Los Angeles, denies that he lied to Gordon.

“I’m not deceptive enough to look players in the eye and tell them something that is not true,” Olshey told Yahoo!. “And I can tell you from an ownership level, the president of our company, myself, we made a corporate decision Monday morning that when the deal didn’t go through on Sunday night we would no longer pursue the trade. And that’s when we notified our players, to get the elephant out of the room during our abbreviated training camp.”

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