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Kobe Bryant Tells Critics Of His Shot Selection To 'Get Over It'

Eight games into the season, the L.A. Lakers are 4-4 and Kobe Bryant is already sick and tired of answering questions about his shot selection.

"Get over it," Bryant said last night in a TV interview after the Lakers' double-digit loss to the Blazers. "Get over it. I shoot the ball. That's what I do. I'm a shooting guard. Some nights I have 24 shots, some nights I have 29 shots. Get over it."

Bryant dominated the ball on Tuesday night against the Rockets -- despite a breakout performance from Andrew Bynum with 21 points and 22 rebounds, his first career 20-20 game, it was Kobe who ran the show. The Lakers' veteran guard attempted 29 field goals to Bynum's 15.

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