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Penn State Football Insiders Criticize University For Hiring Of Bill O'Brien

The Penn State football program has moved on from the Joe Paterno era, naming Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as the next head coach in Happy Valley. It's a new era for the Nittany Lions, but according to the New York Times, a lot of insiders in the program aren't happy.

"It would have been nice if we felt like we were part of the process," said D.J. Dozier, a member of the 1986 national championship team. "This is a pretty important situation in transition for the university and the program. There are a lot of guys that feel a certain way. Today I have more questions than answers."

David M. Joyner, the university’s acting athletic director, worked closely with other Penn State admistrators to make the hiring decision. Joyner, whose background is not in athletics but as an orthopedic surgeon, has gotten a lot of flak for hiring O'Brien, who has never been a head coach.

"Joyner is eminently unqualified for the job," former booster Bill Earley told the Times. "It’s been amateurish. They acted like they were interviewing someone for the treasury of the PTA at an elementary school."

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