By Evans Clinchy
January 12, 2012

Vancouver Canucks coach Alain Vigneault didn't take too kindly to the Boston Bruins' Brad Marchand leveling a dirty hit on Sami Salo during the Canucks' 4-3 win on Saturday afternoon.

"Some day, he's going to get it," Vigneault told the Vancouver Province. "Somebody is going to say enough is enough, and they're going to hurt the kid. Because he plays to hurt players, and in my mind, if the league doesn't take care of it, somebody else will."

Marchand responded today, saying in a local radio interview that he found Vigneault's comments to be out of line, coming from an opposing coach.

"You don't see stuff like that very often," Marchand said on WEEI in Boston. "It's a clear threat. Last time something like that happened in Vancouver, we all saw what happened, and it turned out very bad. So, hopefully the league will take care of that situation."

Marchand refers to Avalanche forward Steve Moore, who suffered a career-ending cheap injury after a revenge hit by Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi in 2004.

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