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Upcoming Book By Tiger Woods Swing Coach Is Not A Tell-All

A book coming out by Tiger Woods' longtime swing coach, Hank Haney, won’t be a “tell-all,” according to USA Today.

"I didn't feel frustrated at all with the subject matter not going places it could have gone,” Haney’s co-author Jamie Diaz says. “It concerns itself with golf areas. Look, Hank was a very influential guy with Tiger in person. It's a golf book primarily and you can't separate golfer from golf personality."

Haney served as Woods’ swing coach for six years during an unprecedented transitional period in which his client went from one of the most dominant golfers the sport had ever seen, to a man battling a series of debilitating injuries while attempting to overcome turmoil in his personal life. Haney was reportedly one of the few associates with Woods that never signed a non-disclosure agreement during this time.

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