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LeBron James Welcomes Comparisons To Kobe Bryant

LeBron James welcomes comparisons between himself and this season’s  highest scorer, Kobe Bryant, according to Fox Sports Florida.

"The fans are going to have fun with it, who they like, who they dislike and who they like more than others. Kobe is playing some great basketball right now, He's shooting the ball extremely well, and that's part of the reason why they're winning (10-5) … He's a great player. He's kept his body in shape, so it's not surprising," James told Fox Sports Florida.

Despite a six year age advantage, the rejuvenated Bryant edges out James for the league lead in scoring. Bryant, 33, averages 30.8 points per game, while, James, 27, is trailing very closely with 29.8 points per contest.  Of the 16 regular season games between the two players, James has won 10 of them.

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