By Will Yoder
January 26, 2012

Angelica Cecora, a 25-year-old Playboy model, has filed a lawsuit against former boxer Oscar De La Hoya, according to Reuters. Cecora is claiming that the former boxing champion forced her to engage in “disgusting” sexual acts in the March of 2011.

Cecora is suing De La Hoya for $5 million in emotional distress, false imprisonment, and battery.

"Once 12 o'clock hit that night, he just started doing more and more drugs and wanted me to do more and more things," she said outside a court hearing, according to Reuters.

Cecora claims that  after the two had intercourse, which was consensual, De La Hoya began acting strangely and attempted to order cocaine and marijuana to the hotel room the two were staying in.

“These allegations are offensive and frivolous," De La Hoya’s attorney Judd Burstein told reporters.

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