By Will Yoder
February 01, 2012

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown acknowledged the team had inquired about free-agent guard Gilbert Arenas, but indicated that the talks weren’t serious, according to the Orange County Register.

"It's just conversation," Brown said Tuesday. "We've had conversations about a lot of players. There are a ton of players that we've had conversations with."

Arenas, 30, last played with the Orlando Magic before he was waived under the new collective bargaining agreement’s amnesty clause. The clause allowed teams to cut high-expense players without having to take a salary cap hit. To this point, there has not been much interest in the three-time All-Star.

Through the 2006-07 season, Arenas was considered one of the top players in the game before several consecutive knee surgeries, and a major suspension, forced him to miss 189 games over a three-year period.

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