Manny Pacquiao’s Manager Says Floyd Mayweather Rejected “Prize Fight” Deal

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After Floyd Mayweather Jr. told a boxing news site that Manny Pacquiao rejected a $40-million offer to accept a fight, Pacquiao’s manager refuted the claim, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"I must break my silence to the media about our discussions, because both Floyd and I agreed not to discuss these dealings," Pacquiao’s manager, Michael Koncz, said. "Since Floyd is unfairly chastising Manny, I can confirm he did offer Manny a $40-million guarantee, with $20 million up front. But when the back end [pay-per-view profits] was brought up, he said we didn't need to discuss the back end, that 'we can discuss it at a later time,' which I took as 'There is no back end.' "

Koncz added that he offered a 55-45 split of fight revenues, with the winner taking the larger percentage, according to the Times.

"Because it's a prize fight, if you were the better fighter, you get the 10% bonus, $15 million to $25 million more than the other guy,” Koncz said. “That was my final offer, with a $50-million guarantee to each fighter. That was ... rejected."

Mayweather’s promoter, Richard Schaefer, dismissed Koncz’s role in the process:

"Michael Koncz? Who ... cares?,” Schaefer said. “All those people trying to circumvent and short-cut me, this [Cotto deal] makes it clear we are a team with Floyd. It's time to realize we are with Floyd, and if [Pacquiao promoter] Bob Arum wants a fight, he knows now who he needs to deal with. Do you think Michael Koncz is going to [do anything] without the approval of Bob Arum?"

Mayweather confirmed that he had a series of meetings with Koncz to discuss the fight, according to the Times.