By Evans Clinchy
February 02, 2012

The Red Sox' Carl Crawford and his brother GerCory Crawford are being sued by a former friend who alleges the brothers swindled him out of $123,000, according to Business Insider.

In the lawsuit, Arturo McDowell alleges that the Crawfords used McDowell's money to start a construction company, then turned on McDowell and cut him out of the business.

"(I)t appears now that Carl and GerCory created a scheme whereby Mr. McDowell would provide all of the capital and perform all of the work for Pro-Source, and then Carl and GerCory would retain all of the profits for themselves," the complaint states. "Moreover, Carl and GerCory have refused to answer any of Mr. McDowell's phone calls, text messages, or demand letters, and Carl and GerCory have entirely shut Mr. McDowell out of Pro-Source after taking his money."

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