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Trial In UVA Lacrosse Murder To Begin Monday

Two years after the murder of University of Virginia lacrosse player, Yeardley Love, former men’s lacrosse player George Huguely will start his trial, reports the Washington Post.

Huguely is facing charges of first-degree murder, which carries the possibility of life in prison. In addition to this charge he is also facing lesser charges of robbery, attempted robbery, robbery of a residence, burglary, entering a house with an attempt to commit a felony and grand larceny.

Huguely’s attorneys are arguing that Love’s death came as a result of an “accident with a tragic outcome.”

The defendant may also reportedly try to link Love’s death to a possible irregular heart beat due to a prescription drug called Adderall, but the main question that the jury will face is why Huguely went to Love’s apartment if it was not to assault her, according to the Post.