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Kobe Bryant Would Like To Play With LeBron James

When asked about who would be a good potential superstar to pair with, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant listed a name that may surprise some; LeBron James.

"It's a tough question because I've played with a lot of great players being on the Olympic team," Bryant told ESPN. "I think that the player I would probably play with the most where the pieces would fit would be myself and LeBron [James], believe it or not, because he's more of a facilitator and I'm more of a scorer. ... He's a modern version of what Oscar [Robertson] was. He just puts up genius numbers."

Bryant and James are two players who have been heavily compared in recent years. Both are considered to be one of the top players of the game, and both are considered to be two of the more dominant scorers in the league. As a result of those comparisons however, it has appeared that a non-spoken rivalry had emerged between the two.