By Will Yoder
February 14, 2012

Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose is set to miss his third consecutive game tonight against the Sacramento Kings, reports Comcast Sport’s Network.

Rose did not participate in practice this morning and has been out for the past two games with chronic back spasms. Rose saw a specialist last week and his MRI results revealed that there is no structural damage to his back. Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdrof thinks he should sit more.

“I’m one of those people who watches and thinks, ‘Why don’t you get him out of the game?’ ” Reinsdorf said of Rose. “When Michael was still in the game and he would be in at the end of big wins, I’d say, ‘Phil, why don’t you take him out?’ And Phil would say, ‘When I was with the Knicks, an opponent once scored 23 straight points against us at the end of a game to win.’ “

This season Rose has scored 22 points per game, had 3.4 rebounds, and averaged 7.8 assists. He was the NBA’S MVP and All-NBA First Team last year as well as Rookie of the Year in 2009.

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