By Will Yoder
February 16, 2012

New York Yankees starter A.J. Burnett passed on the opportunity to be traded to the Los Angeles Angels for Bobby Abreu, according to the New York Daily News.

The Yankees have been trying to trade Burnett for the majority of this offseason. While they are likely going to be unable to shed the majority of his bloated contract, the club is attempting to redistribute the amount of money they owe to a position of need. Abreu, who himself has a large deal, would have served as their everyday designated hitter.

New York has also been speaking with the Pittsburgh Pirates about a potential deal for Burnett. In such a deal, it is likely that the Yankees would eat up a good portion of the $33 million remaining on Burnett’s deal.

Burnett will report to the Yankees training camp this week, unless a deal is struck by Saturday.

Last season Burnett .515 ERA, 173 SO, and pitched 11 wins and 11 losses. Throughout his career he has pitched 125 wins and 115 losses with a 4.10 ERA and had 1,791 strikeouts.

Burnett led the AL in strikeouts in 2008, led the NL in shutouts in 2002, and is a two-time World Series Champion.

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