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David Stern: Jeremy Lin's Popularity 'Fascinating,' Unique In NBA History

David Stern has been the commissioner of the NBA for 28 years now, overseeing the rise and fall of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and countless other superstars. But never before, he said today, has he seen anything quite like the frenzy surrounding Jeremy Lin.

"I haven't done a computation," Stern told the AP today. "But it's fair to say that no player has created the interest and the frenzy in this short period of time, in any sport, that I'm aware of like Jeremy Lin has."

Lin's popularity has grown astronomically in the two-plus weeks since he became the New York Knicks' starting point guard. The top five videos on since Feb. 4 are all Lin; Lin's following on the Chinese networking site Sina is now over 1 million. Stern said today that he's "never quite seen anything like" the attention on Lin.