By Will Yoder
February 27, 2012

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant told the press that if he were to ever own an NBA team, he would have fired the entire front office for passing on Jeremy Lin, according to the New York Post.

“The biggest thing to me is how everybody missed it,’’ Bryant said yesterday before the All-Star Game’s practice session. “They all would be fired if I was owning a team. I hear this stuff, ‘It came out of nowhere.’ I think it’s a load of [garbage]. You can’t play that well and just come out of nowhere. There has to be something there and everybody missed it. So heads would roll [if I was owner].’’

Lin was passed up by two teams including the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets before being claimed by the New York Knicks off waivers.

Lin had one of his best performances against the Lakers, scoring 38 points and having 10 assists. Arizona Suns Steve Nash also commented on the improved Lin.

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