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Derrick Rose: All-Star Game Not Right Time And Place To Dance

Derrick Rose can dance. He just doesn’t want to.  The reigning NBA Most Valuable Player told ESPN Chicago that he didn’t join in with fellow Eastern Conference Team starters and dance during the All-Star Game’s introductions Sunday night because he didn’t feel it was the right place.

"I can dance," Rose told ESPN Sunday. "But there's a time and place for that and I don't think it was right, then and there."

"I don't care," Rose continued. "You just know that's me, man. If you would have saw me out there dancing, you would have been looking at me different. I'm just me. I can't be anybody else. I think that's what people see."

Rose told ESPN that he also doesn’t feel comfortable playing in exhibition games, such as the All-Star game. The 23-year-old was one of the few NBA stars who adamantly said he did not enjoy playing in pickup games with other NBA players this summer during the lockout.