By Will Yoder
February 28, 2012

Quarterback, Donovan McNabb is not ready to retire despite two consecutive sub-par seasons, according to USA Today.

"I still have my mind on focused on football," the McNabb told KILT in Houston, according to USA Today. "All I have been doing is just working out and just staying abreast with things. I have been doing some TV stuff in the meantime just to polish that up for future endeavors that I may step into when I am done. But the most important thing for me is to just stay involved and continue to perfect my craft and get better and better as I continue on."

After leading two teams to losing seasons, McNabb is well aware of the fact that he may have to accept a number two position or be willing to fight for a starting role. According to USA Today, McNabb believes that he can continue to compete at the top level, he is just seeking the opportunity to do so.

“I just want an opportunity to compete, go into a team with a solid defense, run game and some weapons on the outside."

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