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Newborn Baby Delivered At Pirates Training Facility

The director of Florida operations for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Trevor Gooby, delivered a baby on park grounds during a special event for season ticket holders Tuesday night, according to the Bradenton Patch.

“She pushed one time and the baby was out,” Gooby said. “We wrapped the baby up in towels.  He was crying and EMS arrived a couple of mintues later and cut the umbilical cord. I told her my name is Trevor and it makes a great name," Gooby jokingly said to the new mother.

The eight and half months pregnant season ticket holder Latisha Kirk was enjoying a walk around the park when all of a sudden she began to experience discomfort.  Once alerted of the soon-to-mother’s situation, Gooby rushed Kirk by wheelchair to the front gates of the park when she insisted, “The baby is definitely coming.”  After sending staff to retrieve towels and gloves, Gooby prepared for delivery telling the Bradenton Patch, “I could see the baby’s head.”